The Merit Order of Demand Response in Industry (ENERDAY)

Vortrag von Anna Gruber bei der 9th Conference on Energy Economics and Technology (ENERDAY)
am 11. April 2014; Thema der Konferenz: A European Energy Market?


In previous studies the potential for Demand Response of cross-sectional technologies aswell as electricity-intensive processes were analyzed. Two types of load flexibilization were considered: load shedding and load shifting. Furthermore, first calculations of the cost for DR with cross-sectional technologies were conducted, whereas a calculation for the electricity-intensive process is still missing. This paper deals with a new method for determining the opportunity costs of Demand Response across sectors. On the basis of the cost structure of a company as well as the electricity price the opportunity costs for the electricity-intensive industry is calculated. All results are summarized in an overall Merit Order curve for Demand Response.


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